Framework agreement for research about ICT­ technologies applied to Smart Cities
between the company Di Viesto, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and the Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Udine

Dubai-Udine ­February 28th, 2014
Di Viesto, company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is pleased to announce the
achievement of the framework agreement of cooperation with the University of Udine,
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, in the context of scientific and technological
research, development, innovation, training and technology transfer of innovative systems for
ICT (Information & Communication Technologies).
Specifically, the object of the collaboration agreed with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the
‘University of Udine is targeted to the research and innovation in ICT technologies applied to
Smart Cities.
The agreement of cooperation on the general themes of common interest include the most
important topics and areas of interest of the ecosystem of Smart Cities, including, but not limited
study, analysis, design, development and testing of applications relevant to the SMART CITIES,
Home Automation and Smart Living Systems; Machine Vision and Video Surveillance; Systems
for Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality and Virtual 3D systems; the Web Systems (in various
forms of the Semantic Web, Social Web Web Intelligence and Participative Web);
e­COMMERCE; the Market­Place; Systems Mobile and Mobile Apps; BIG DATA analysis;
Business Intelligence; OPEN­DATE; e­Goverment and e­Governance; Information Systems;the
software platforms for the integration and interoperability; the Executive Information Systems; the
Decision Support System; the e­Health Systems; Systems e­Learning and Life­Long Learning;
Systems Web Information Retrieval;Systems Advanced HCI Human­Machine Interface;
e­Tourism, Management Systems for Smart Energy, Environment, Waste, Health, and
Communication Networks .

The research agreement is done in the general framework of the realisation of the first
worldwide Smart City in Dubai decreed by the Government of the Arabic Emirate of
Dubai in the days preceding the present agreement.


Founded in Dubai “Di Viesto Fashion & Design” and “Di Viesto Management Consultancies”


Dubai, 14th December 2013


Angelo and Cosimo Di Viesto have combined their areas of activity in the fields of Apparel & Fashion industry and Automotive industry.

With the establishment of the two companies “Di Viesto Fashion & Design” and “Di Viesto Management Consultancies” in Dubai (UAE), the entrepreneurs have created an important basis to participate in the future development in the Gulf region.

From Dubai, the entrepreneurs want to offer their 30  years of professional experience in the respective areas on local and global level.


The focus of activities is on the business consultancy for Fashion & Apparel, – and the automotive industry. This includes product development, management consulting, marketing concepts for retail and wholesale trade and delivering customer turnkey start-up projects in the UAE.

“The markets of the Fashion & Apparel Industry in the Gulf region play an important role in our future business strategy,” said Cosimo Di Viesto, Managing Director of “Di Viesto Fashion & Design”.

For Angelo Di Viesto, Managing Director of “Di Viesto Management Consultancies” “is the foundation of the new company in Dubai the launch of our growth strategy in the business consultancy industry”.

The conditions are excellent, because on one side the Gulf region is one of the world’s fastest growing economic zone ,on the other side the entrepreneurs enjoy an international excellent reputation in both segments, which will allow them to maintain and expand the own network of professional contacts.


For the entrepreneurs it is also important to support  Dubai in its fast economic development.